The new "Get Wired" Collection

This collection has been a true labor of love. The journey has been both exciting and frustrating; challenging and more challenging. Mostly, though, it has been relaxing, something we all need during these uncertain times. 

My biggest challenge with bringing this collection to you was finally saying, “Enough!” You’ll probably notice that this is the biggest collection I’ve ever released. Forcing myself to stop long enough to do all the technical work involved in releasing a collection was ridiculously difficult. I have so many gorgeous stones to wrap! I’m certain you’ll be seeing them soon.  In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the fruits of my labor of love.

Peace to all, 

"Get Wired" Featured Pendants

Larimar & Moonstone
SOLD--Rose Quartz Heart
Copper Turquoise

"Get Wired" Phase 2

Woven Drop Earrings
Pearl Ring
Be Still my Heart
Fidget Rings

Countdown to Mother's Day

From April 9 through May 9, I will be auctioning off one piece of jewelry per day on my Facebook page. All of the rules and regulations are posted there. I hope you’ll join us. There are bound to be some incredible deals.  

During the countdown, a total of 83 pieces of one-of-a-kind jewelry were sold at extraordinarily low prices. If you missed the auctions, make sure to like my FB page so that you can take advantage of future sales and giveaways. 

Check out the newly added Clearance page!

There are big changes on the horizon for me and as part of my preparations, I am clearing out my inventory. Lucky you! Clearance pieces are discounted 50% or more. Stop by often, since I’ll be adding inventory on a regular basis!

Forest Bed
Aztec Glam
Gazing Spheres

Recent Custom Orders

I am always happy to create a variation of any of my designs to suit your personal style, or to take your favorite crystal, stone, or cabachon and create a piece worthy of being a family heirloom. 

Looking for the Perfect Gift?

Whether you’re shopping for a man or woman, your gift is sure to be a favorite when you give a Gift Card from Cindy’s Bewitching Beads. 

What Our Customers Are Saying . . .

"Quality," "Stunning," "Artistic Jewelry"

I just received a beautiful bracelet ("Sunset Beach") that I ordered from Cindy, and I just love it! This is the second item I bought (I also bought a necklace/wrap bracelet a few months back) and both are exquisite...gorgeous colors and so artistically made! I will definitely be back, and I highly recommend!
Mary Burkart
The quality of workmanship is OFF THE CHARTS!! If you see a style you like but not the color, she will work tirelessly to make you something you'll ADORE! I have tiny wrists which is the main reason why I don't wear bracelets. Cindy was able to make me a bracelet that fit me perfectly! She also custom made a pair of earrings that are truly a statement piece. I get so many compliments on them!
Jean Swalm

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Cindy's Bewitching Beads
Average rating:  
 21 reviews
by Jenna Atkins on Cindy's Bewitching Beads
My Favorite Gifts to Give and Get!

I can not say enough good things about Cindy and her work. I own at least 5 of Cindy's creations and have given just as many, if not more, as gifts. I love every single one of them and have such a hard time choosing what to wear.

She's also awesome about making any adjustments if needed. Last year I ordered a bracelet for my best friend's birthday and got her wrist size totally wrong! Cindy had no problem adding extra length to the bracelet so that my friend could enjoy her custom piece instead of just looking at it, lol.

I recommend Cindy and her jewelry to everyone. I know and will continue to do so as long as she is in business.

I'm sure I'll be ordering again soon!

by Cynthia on Cindy's Bewitching Beads
Got My Order!!!

The package was waiting in my mailbox when I got home from work yesterday evening . . .

Everything looked great! It was so well packaged.....not a bend or a tear. I love Cindy’s “extras”: Colored boxes, stickers, business cards, cleaning cloths, earring backs, etc. No small detail overlooked . . .

I love my wire wrapped heart earrings and my “Leo” wrap. Happy Valentine’s Day to meeeeee!!!! And my friend, Diane is going to love the silver moon! I will put it away for her birthday in September or Christmas. The ornament hook is perfect! She has two options. Naturally, I am tempted to keep it, LOL.

Thank you! 💗💗💗

by Leslie on Cindy's Bewitching Beads
Custom earrings and bracelet

Cindy really delivered on a gorgeous custom made set that she hand made. Wow, was I surprised at the quality and weight of the pieces, not to mention the stones with their unique shape. They are just perfect for the classic look and can't wait for the special moment to wear. The packaging was incredibly crisp and clean and never received anything so tidy. Will definitely recommend to others and will be doing future business with Cindy.

by Christine on Cindy's Bewitching Beads
Absolutely Stunning!

I'll be a bridesmaid in a wedding in October and wanted to get some jewelry that would go with the dress, and that I could continue to wear outside of the special event. I had noticed a design Cindy had previously made (and sold, very quickly!) and fell in love with it. I reached out and asked to have a custom pair of earrings made to match a dress color and Cindy absolutely nailed it! The earrings were shipped promptly, the packaging they came in was super cute and neat, and they absolutely took my breath away!

by Amy Raymond on Cindy's Bewitching Beads
Cindy’s talent is unmatched!

I recently purchased the Capricorn bracelet in Cindy’s new collection for a friend. It arrived today and I was honestly captivated by it instantly! The attention to detail is impeccable. The craftsmanship of each piece she creates is incredible and unmatched! They are sturdy, feel amazing to touch and spark complete joy when wearing them or holding them. I have one of her bracelets that was gifted to me by my sister, and it has been since day one my go to bracelet and one of my favorites. Her eye for design is amazing and honestly you can’t always learn that type of style. Some people just have it within them and Cindy is one of those people! Aside from all of that she is such a kind and wonderful person and it’s clear she cares about what she’s putting out for people to wear. Each item is unique and specially crafted which makes for an undeniably great purchase. There is no doubt in my mind I can go to Cindy anytime I am looking for something special. Be it for myself or a gift and I am completely confident I will be getting something exquisite! Each design I’ve seen in person has taken my breath away!

by Dani on Cindy's Bewitching Beads

Thanks to Cindy, I am slowly building a gorgeous collection of one-of-a-kind, beautifully crafted earrings. I was recently stopped by a stranger in a restaurant who admired my Cindy-made earrings. I thanked her proudly and told her how to find them. Cindy is a true creative. I'm a total fan!

by TJ Swlam on Cindy's Bewitching Beads
Cutest anklet ever

Cindy is just the best. I wanted a new ankle bracelet and was looking at one that had a leather cord, but she understood that I don't really take off my anklets, even when taking a shower or going swimming. So she recommended a surfer cord instead and even had it in my favorite color. I absolutely love it, and I don't intend to take it off all summer

by Lisa on Cindy's Bewitching Beads

I own a couple of Cindy's pieces, and have bought many for my daughter and nieces. I check her website for new creations at least once a week because I am always afraid I will miss out on something I would love to have (though, I know she would happily re-create a piece if asked). Cindy's jewelry is very unique and finely-crafted. I highly recommend you check her out; you will not be disappointed!!!

by Jo AnnYork on Cindy's Bewitching Beads
Beautiful creations!

I had the pleasure of winning one of Cindy 's creations...her work is so beautiful and AWESOME quality!! Cindy you are so talented and creative! I love your work!! Jo Ann

by Joy on Cindy's Bewitching Beads
Wearable Modern Art

Cindy takes care to make sure that you are happy with your piece. As others have said, she is willing to customize designs, and she uses quality materials. I purchased the "Mediterranean Moon" wrap bracelet in Spring 2018. The colors complement each other gorgeously (deep blue-green and moonstone) and it is a very sophisticated and inspiring piece - especially for me, since I have taken great inspiration from the moon and the Mediterranean both! One small drawback of the piece I purchased is that I found the toggle clasp would come undone when I was rotating my wrists "a la flamenco" - something I liked to do a lot with that bracelet, since my life as a dancer is more allowing of beautiful jewelry than my civilian life. Just something to keep in mind as you browse, if you are a wrist-twirler of any variety. Overall, Cindy brings a lot of care, compassion and resourceful creative talent to her endeavors as a jewelry-maker and I would happily purchase from her again.

by Lynne on Cindy's Bewitching Beads
Beautiful bracelets

I don't often wear jewelry, but couldn't resist buying one of Cindy's bracelets (and I even wear it!). I also bought bracelets for my three nieces. Cindy's selection of jewelry is varied, with different creative styles and colors--and the prices are great.

by Cheryl on Cindy's Bewitching Beads
Beautiful bracelet

The bracelet I received as a Christmas gift is gorgeous! I rarely wear jewelry, but when I do I want it to make a statement. This bracelet is truly unique and well-crafted; I've already received tons of compliments.

by PC on Cindy's Bewitching Beads
Love, love, them all

I have several beautiful bracelets from Cindy’s early collection. She takes careful work to make sure that each piece will delight the buyer.
These new pieces, that are shown on this site, are wonderful. Enjoy your purchase.

by Ashley on Cindy's Bewitching Beads
Love her work!

All of Cindy's designs are gorgeous, unique, and high quality! I'm incredibly grateful that I received one of her double wrap bracelets for my birthday this past week. It makes me feel beautiful!

by Sheila on Cindy's Bewitching Beads
Love Cindy’s Creations

I love the pieces Cindy creates. I recently purchased a blue necklace with beaded tassel and I get so many compliments. Her work is very original and I especially appreciate her attention to detail. The elements she uses in each piece are of the highest quality, and I should know because I create jewelry too!! I know what it takes! She truly cares about her customers' satisfaction, as well. I guarantee you will be delighted with your purchase!

by Ali K on Cindy's Bewitching Beads

Where do I start? I purchased matching bracelets for me and my mother, and let me tell you, my mother is not easy to please!!! Cindy created two bracelets that not only were beautiful, but my mother loved hers, as do I! We wear our matching bracelets every day, and they still look new! No part of the bracelet is faltering, AND I PURCHASED THEM IN FEBRUARY 2018! A year of wear and tear and these bracelets have held up impeccably. Cindy is truly gifted in what she does, and her jewelry really embodies how much love,care and effort goes into each piece!!

by Cindee on Cindy's Bewitching Beads
Have made 3 purchases so far

Cindy designed 2 sets of custom earrings for me. It was a pleasure working with her, she took my suggestions and came up with a great combo of wiring and beads. The second pair of earrings she tweaked from a design already on her website, making them shorter to fit my needs. I then purchased a white lava bead bracelet because I love her designs.

by Beverly Moore on Cindy's Bewitching Beads
I love, love, love Cindy's creations!

I find Cindy's creations completely irresistible in their quality and design! The sophisticated details and compositions of each piece - from the choice of colors, textures, and histories of the elements - all come together with an organic, natural beauty that is absolutely unique to each item. So far, I've purchased a necklace, more than half a dozen bracelets, and look forward to owning many more. Once you hold a piece in your hands, and feel it lock into your senses, you simply can't let it go.

by Catherine on Cindy's Bewitching Beads
Beautiful One Of a Kind Pieces!

I was in search of a special gift for my future daughter in law’s birthday and stumbled upon Cindy’s Bewitching Beads . There was a beautiful wrap bracelet posted that I decided to purchase and boy am I happy I did.! The bracelet is beautifully made. The colors are spectacular! I loved the feeling of giving a unique, quality made piece of art to a very special lady and she loved receiving it! Thank you Cindy! #bestgiftever

Thank you, Catherine! I'm happy you were able to give your future daughter-in-law something special that she loves.

by Jenna on Cindy's Bewitching Beads
Best! Gifts! Ever!

I bought three of Cindy's pieces as gifts for my family. I just received them in the mail today and they’re more beautiful than I could have hoped for! I recommend Cindy’s work to anyone who’s looking for jewelry that is unique and made with love. I can’t wait to buy something for myself!

Thank you, Jenna! I look forward to making something that you'll adore! I hope your family members love their gifts.

by Pam Gordon on Cindy's Bewitching Beads

I bought one of Cindy’s fabulous bracelets for my friend’s 50th birthday. This friend loves purple and I bought what I thought would be perfect for her...and it was! I gave it to her in September and I don’t think she’s taken it off since - her mother and she herself told me virtually the same thing! Cindy also made a beautiful bracelet using my favorite colors. I love it and wear it with all of my favorite clothes to accentuate them. If you haven’t bought anything, get off the fence and buy something UNIQUE and BEAUTIFUL.

Thanks for the lovely review, Pam. I'm thrilled that your friend is receiving so much joy from your gift.