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You Are Why We Do What We Do

I am thrilled that everyone who wears my jewelry knows they are getting affordable, original designs worthy of the most unique individuals. 

~ Cindy Linden

What I do here at Cindy’s Bewitching Beads is a selfish act. The utter delight expressed by people who buy my jewelry, makes me happy. Every time someone returns to purchase a second, third, or fourth piece, I swell up with pride. So, yes, what I do is a selfish act.

But, I also do what I do for you.

For as long as I can remember, I have needed a creative outlet. One of the first artistic endeavors I can recall involved purple berries from a shrub in our yard and a collection of my sister’s dolls. They weren’t your ordinary dolls . . . some were life-size, one had eyes that appeared to follow you wherever you went, which creeped me out. One day I got the brilliant idea to make them prettier with some make-up. I gathered the berries, put them into a bowl, and mashed them with water to form a thick liquid. I used this to paint the dolls. Unfortunately for me, the berries stained and ruined the dolls. As a result, I was grounded for several weeks. 

I was also a creative storyteller as a young child, another endeavor that got me into trouble. 

We lived in a very small town where everyone knew each other. One year when we returned to school for the new year, our teacher asked us to stand in front of the class and tell everyone what we did on our summer vacation. Since I had done nothing special that summer, and since I wanted to tell an exciting story, I thought of my grandma’s trip to Washington D.C. I narrated a fairly detailed story of how I went to D.C. and shook hands with the President. I even showed the class a bracelet that my grandma gave me as “proof” of the adventure. It had a string of small hearts engraved with letters that spelled out Washington D.C. Needless to say, my mom worked with one of my classmate’s mothers, who asked my mom the next day when I went to Washington D. C. Thereafter followed another punishment. 

I did not let these experiences deter me from expressing my creativity. Over the years I have dabbled in painting with all media, sketched in charcoal, sewed my own clothing, knitted, crocheted, danced, taught myself to play guitar . . . sort of, and even renovated my house. Then, about 5 years ago, as I was looking through YouTube videos, I came across one for a five-row, beaded bracelet. I thought it was the prettiest bracelet I had ever seen, so I watched the video and then watched it again. I ordered the supplies needed to make that bracelet in colors and shapes that spoke to me. Long story short, I made that bracelet, another after that, and another after that. I realized that not only could I make bracelets to fit my petite, 5 ½ inch wrists, but also, that my handmade jewelry expresses my unique creative vision. 

It wasn’t long before friends, colleagues, and acquaintances began asking me to make something for them. Before I knew it, I was designing bracelets and earrings on a regular basis. The requests kept coming in, and I was hooked. 

Now, here I am, offering my designs to you. I am excited to say that the response has been overwhelming, in the best of ways, which allows me to continue to pursue my passion for designing and creating jewelry that gives everyone an opportunity to express themselves through wearable art. One client recently wrote that wearing my bracelet makes her feel beautiful. 

With my designs, happiness is a two-way street – I get my selfish joy at witnessing my customers’ delight, while they feel special at being able to affordably express their uniqueness through my designs. What could be better than that?