As the last sign of the Zodiac, Pisces is believed to contain aspects of them all. This makes the Pisces Sun so changeable as to appear not to have one singular identity. The same can be said of this unusual bracelet. The pale blue aquamarine, translucent pink rose quartz, and adularescent moonstone give it a dreamy quality, much like Pisces themselves.

The gemstones provide more than aesthetics in this piece. Each of the four gemstones was carefully selected to encourage Pisces’ best qualities.

Included are:

Amethyst – Enhances deep thinking and intuition.

Aquamarine – Encourages empathy and courage.

Moonstone – Intensifies intuition and dreaminess.

Rose Quartz – Strengthens Pisces’ loving and compassionate nature.

Every Pisces’ jewelry collection should include these stones to bring out their best selves.


Seven different bracelet styles are included in the Zodiac Collection, which are available to every sign. The featured style for Pisces, Deerskin Lace with Multi-Strand Beads, is immediately available. Other styles are made to order; therefore, delivery time may vary. Please contact me for a shipping time. Keep in mind that, when ordering styles other than the one featured, the colors and stones will match those used for the featured bracelet.

The featured bracelet is adjustable, and will fit a 6” to 7 ½” wrist.

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Give your mojo a boost

Many people believe in the healing properties of crystals and gemstones.  Even if you’re not one of them, you have to admit that the Pisces bracelet is a real stunner. Who knows, maybe a Zodiac bracelet will make you a believer. Besides, it never hurt anyone to wear gemstones. Am I right? 

The featured Pisces bracelet is the Leather Lace with Multi-strand beads and includes the following fine quality materials . . . 

*Four gemstones–Aquamarine, Amethyst, Moonstone, and Rose Quartz–carefully selected to enhance Pisces’ finest qualities. As a Pisces, I have an intimate knowledge of those qualities. 

*Czech Fire Polish beads.

* Japanese seed beads.

* Silver accents.

* Gray deerskin lace. 

Your bracelet comes in a box ready for gift giving. 

Additional information

Bracelet Style

Deerskin Lace with Multi-strand Beads, Flat Leather Wrap with Gemstone Center, Knotted Leather Cord with Gemstone Stations, Laddered Flat Leather Wrap, Leather Cord Convertible, Leather Lace with Multi-strand Beads, Square-stitch Wrap, Waxed Linen Convertible


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